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  Web Treating System 1.x  
Web Treating System 1.x
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Price:$ 49.95
File Size:3.42 MB
Requirements:No special requirements
Publisher:New Web Systems Company
Update Time:12/02/2008 19:05:16

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WTS is a perfect tool for collecting data from the web. Easily configure WTS settings in Windows application mode to collect information you're interested in from other web sites. WTS can be run either as a Windows application or as a background process.

If you have purchased WTS, you are entitled to free technical support via email. The free technical support covers only the installation and use of WTS itself. For instance, technical support does not cover learning and using regular expressions.

Before requesting technical support, please check if you're using the latest version of WTS. The latest version of WTS is always available on the official web site at

I'm proud of timely providing free minor product upgrades that resolve known problems/ bugs . If you encounter a problem with WTS, it is quite possible that I have already released a new version with the fix.

If you have any comments about WTS, good or bad, suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to send them to our technical support department. Even though we cannot implement all requests, we do take all feedback into account when developing new versions of our software.

To buy a WTS license, please visit for a complete list of current purchasing options, and up to date pricing information.

If you have any questions about buying WTS not answered on that page, please contact

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