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Home > Software Development > Debugging Tool > Vermont HighTest Plus
  Vermont HighTest Plus 6.0  
Vermont HighTest Plus 6.0
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Price:$ 299
File Size:8.75 MB
Requirements:P200, 128MB,10MB Disk space
Publisher:Vermont Creative Software, Inc.
Update Time:11/13/2008 16:56:01
OS:Win98/WinMe/WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WindowsXP/Windows2003

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Automated Software Testing for Windows and the Web
Vermont HighTest Plus is a Windows-based software regression-testing tool for testing stand-alone and browser-based applications. It gives you all of the features and power you need for extensive software testing in a tool that is straightforward, logical, and easier to use than any other product of its kind.
With our direct integration into Internet Explorer, testing a web-based application or website is as easy as testing any other application. Just use the application as you normally would, and HighTest will take care of the rest. Or you can customize the generated scripts to harness the full power of HighTest.
Here are some of the power features that you get with Vermont HighTest:
· Web testing with Internet Explorer integration provides full support for controls within a browser window
· Object Support for all standard Windows controls
· Enhanced Object Support allows HighTest to "learn" about some controls
· Full scripting language with variable, loops and conditionals
· Easily read data from a file into script variables
· Create functions in the script and pass parameters to/from them.
· Complete file and directory controls from within your scripts
· Capture and compare windows, screens and file contents
· Masking of non-critical areas that change from run to run
· Extract virtually any piece of data from any supported control
· Integrated Suite Manager for combining playback of multiple tests
· Integrated Window Inspector to view the properties of any window
· Integrated Debugger allows you to step through tests one line at a time and examine the value of variables in real-time
· Detailed log file shows you test-by-test results
· Dedicated scripting language makes learning it EASY!
We offer FREE technical support via phone, fax and email. by the developers of the software, ensuring that you get fast and accurate answers to your questions.
Visit our website for more information.

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