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  Shareview 4.7  
Shareview 4.7
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Price:$ 24.95
File Size:1.96 MB
Requirements:Windows NT 4.0 or above
Update Time:12/02/2008 18:09:26
OS:WinNT 4.x/Windows2000/WindowsXP/Windows2003

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Shareview is a complete network management solution that consists of a shared resource manager, traffic monitor, network utilities and a rule-driven firewall. A watertight monitor of network connections to your computer, it helps control all incoming and outbound traffic, limits external access and can create user-defined rules for particular sites and protocols.

SShareview Pro allows the control and monitoring of network activities from only one user interface. With a single click, users can switch between different modules available in the program. The top window also enables immediate action, such as resource lockout, firewall activation and monitor start-up. The main window has two panels that show accessed files and active connections. To edit the list of shared resources you can switch to the 'Shared folders' view. One more click will open the firewall windows with the list of rules and the event log. Rule-setting is available from both the firewall window and the advanced user interface. New to this software is the traffic monitor, which presents detailed information on active connections, including MAC addresses, packet traffic, speed, and errors. As a matter of course, Shareview stores detailed logs of all network activities for later analysis.

Integration of all the above-mentioned modules into a single control node assists IT staff in better management of network activities. Such back-up can also reduce the total cost of ownership for budget-sensitive SMEs. In addition, the easy-to-operate interface will help home users benefit from the advanced means of protection and resource management available in Shareview.

Shareview exists in two different editions: Professional and Lite. Shareview Professional

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