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  Agent Web E. Form (TM) 1.0  
Agent Web E. Form (TM) 1.0
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Price:$ 9.95
File Size:0.34 MB
Requirements:Win 3.1 or better
Publisher:Owen Digital Corporation
Update Time:12/02/2008 19:30:27

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Want to make your web pages more interactive? Want to get more input from visitors to your web site? Looking for a more structured, user-friendly way to gather information from customers? With Agent Web E. Form (TM), you can put interactive forms to work on your web pages the easy way...No cgi programming, no templates, and no keeping visitors to your web site waiting for the server to process your form. He even comes with sample forms so you can get started right away. If you can receive e-mail, you can start using interactive forms on your web pages today! And if you don't have cgi-bin access on your ISP's server, then Agent Web E. Form (TM) is just what you're looking for if you want to use interactive mailto: forms on your web site today.
Agent Web E. Form (TM). Who is he? "He" is actually a software application for Microsoft Windows. But that's his name - E. Form (TM). And that's his job - allowing you to read and manage electronic "forms" (at Owen Digital we call them e-forms (TM)) you receive in your e-mail.
Let Agent Web E. Form (TM) be your "Secret Agent" - your "secret" tool that lets you harness the power of interactive forms on your web site without all the hassle.
Agent Web E. Form (TM) will handle your mailto: form translation needs with ease using his powerful four-way translation capabilities.
He'll even do double duty as a nifty little MDI text editor (open and edit many files simultaneously) and "secret" screen saver launch pad. (Hide your PC screen from snoopers.)
If you're a hardcore web head who uses Notepad to do your HTML editing, then you'll really enjoy using Agent Web E. Form (TM). You can open and edit many files simultaneously, cutting and pasting at will between multiple tiled or cascaded open windows.
A very useful feature: Drag-and-drop multiple files from File Manager or File Explorer and drop them anywhere within the Agent Web E. Form (TM) window. Snap! e-forms (TM) will be translated and displayed automatically in multiple windows.

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