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Home > Internet > Network Utility > Free Internet Content Logger
  Free Internet Content Logger 1.3.0  
Free Internet Content Logger 1.3.0
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File Size:0.46 MB
Update Time:11/17/2008 16:36:51
OS:Windows2000/WindowsXP/Windows2003/Windows Mobile 2003

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- Do you want to know what kind of information programs send from your computer to their owners?

- Are you a network or system administrator and need to save all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic on the hard disk in order to measure the security risks?

- Are you are a software developer creating your own Internet releted software programs, and need to capture all the incoming and outgoing Internet traffic of your program in order to debug your software?

- Are you a web developer creating next generation web sites?

In all these cases Internet Content Logger can be a vital tool for you!

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